The Book

This is not just poetry.

The book really has no beginning, middle or end. Windows of Reflection: is in fact a journey; one which walks you through the deepest thoughts of your heart, the farthest reaches of your imagination, across the tenderness of your love and the nakedness of your soul.

The author, Tasneem Kagalwalla does not use complicated words and winding verses, instead speaks intimately, opening up along its way many windows of introspection.

In its simplicity, lies its beauty.

Along with the written word, this book is also a visual treat. Photographer, Maisam Darwish communicates skillfully with her lens; making her black and white images a marvel to unravel.

Come; if only to discover and delight in the depths of your soul.

Book trailer

WINDOWS OF REFLECTION by Tasneem Kagalwalla - Book Trailer

“This book is a soul searchers delight.” - Dr. Shefali Tsabary
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"Simple thoughts which speak volumes." - Priya Dutt
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"Her poems are meditations on the beauty and imperfection of existence." - Ramanuj Shastry
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About the author

Tasneem Kagalwalla is a writer of Indian origin based out of Dallas, Texas. She is a practicing Life Coach, Trainer and Confidante which makes understanding different mindsets and heartbeats not only her profession but a passion.

As a child; penning her thoughts down was a compulsive habit for Tasneem. Over the years, writing became a release ground as well as a medium to celebrate life and living.

She says, “I simply want to put voice to emotions. Some mine. Some yours. Mostly ours. Along the way, if for a moment we are united in thought, then this effort will have lived its intent.”

“My rewards, more than anything else lie in that smile on a mother's face, that tear of closure on a broken heart, that nod of understanding between friends or that hug which simply says, I feel the same. These priceless connections will remain my biggest accolades.”

In this compilation Tasneem shares an array of feelings as you peer through; Windows of Reflection.

Personal Soul-utions

Tasneem Kagalwalla is the first ABNLP Certified Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer in the state of Texas, USA. Founder of Personal Soul-utions, Tasneem works with all age groups offering 1:2:1 or online sessions across a range of services that help empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional goals. She specializes in family and relationship coaching. All her techniques are aligned with holistic development. She strongly believes that you are everything you choose to be.

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